The TapTapLah Referral Programme allows cooperatives and cooperative members to earn extra income by encouraging family and friends to buy products from the TaptapLah application.

for Cooperative


Register as TapTapLah partner.

Share Product Link From COOP Members

Successful purchases from Coop members, as well as family and friends.

Redeem Cash Points

  1. Cooperatives will receive cash points for purchases made by Coop members, family and friends.
  2. The cooperative can check cash points via the online system.
  3. Points can be redeemed for cash reward returns to cooperative members.

for Coop-Members


Download TapTapLah in App Store or Google Play.


Register as a preferred Coop member.

Buy Or Share Product

  1. Earn cash points when you scroll through and purchase items in the TapTapLah Marketplace.
  2. Share the link with family and friends so they can buy items on his TapTapLah Marketplace and the referrer gets an extra cash points.

Redeem Cash Point

  1. Coop members receive cash points.
  2. Check your cash points on your profile icon and redeem them for cash / vouchers.

More TapTap Rewards For You

Top 10 Weekly

Only 10 lucky participants will be selected to receive cash rewards and unique prizes.

Contests are updated weekly.

Top 10 Monthly

Only 10 lucky participants will be selected to receive cash rewards and unique prizes.

Contests are updated monthly.

First Achievement

Open to all the Coop Members First Achievement for the loyalty programme.

Receive bonus point for the First Achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. The Share & Eh Tau2 Dapat is an exciting opportunity for cooperatives & co-op members to generate another source of income. It’s a small way for us to thank you for your efforts in bringing more users to TapTapLah.

2. So when anyone purchased on TapTapLah using your referral links, you will get additional 5% loyalty points and to be convert in cash rewards.

1. Share your link with family & friends – They purchase using your referral link – We give loyalty points.

2. It’s that simple.

1. There’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer to TapTapLah marketplace!

2. That means unlimited earnings!

1. If you’re an existing TapTapLah coop members.
• Sign in to TapTapLah.
• Choose any products. Copy the link and share away.

2. If you’re not a coop members, you can either sign up to TapTapLah and then follow the steps above, or simply follow the steps below to be part of the program.
• Head over to TapTapLah apps.
• Click on Sign Up and follow the steps to create your TapTaplah account.
• Once done, you can share the product link to any of your family and friends!

Yes every successful purchase from user that are using your shared product link is considered your referral.

No. They don’t need to be TapTapLah member.

Yes. As soon as successful purchase and item receive by them, you will receive the additional 5% of loyalty point.

Just tap on the loyalty option and redeem loyalty points and follow the steps.

Yes, a minimum of RM50 worth of loyalty points required for you to be able to cash out.

Make sure you signed up with the phone number and the email address that you used in TapTapLah. To find out what phone number and email address you used in TapTapLah, go to profile in the settings menu.

Reach out to us at whatsapp +6013 206 2668 with all your queries.