Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia

Awesome Features

Here’s what we have in store.

  • Membership

    Making it easier for users to sign-up as members through a well-guided, automated onboarding process that includes a complete sign-up form and identity verification.

  • Digital Financing

    From initial stages of a Financing application; like running eligibility checks to tracking transactional activities and monitoring monthly recurring payments, TaptapLah! covers it all. The app enables the members to map their whole digital lending journey, ensuring they are always on top of their finances.

  • Marketplace

    An exclusive in-app shopping experience for users! With special deals and offers for members on multiple products ranging from food and beverages, home appliances, electronics and much more!

  • Loyalty & Rewards

    TaptapLah! awards all members with loyalty points through the marketplace and through referrals. Members can then unlock amazing cash rewards as their points build up in the portal!

  • e-Wallet

    What better way to keep track of all transactional activities than an e-wallet? Streamline all cashless payments under one app while monitoring finances, billing history and spending goals.

  • Partners

    Calling all merchants and resellers to collaborate with us and increase reach!

Why Choose Us

Sharing Economy

Joining our network minimizes cooperatives’ investment on digital tools. Cooperative can leverage on Taptaplah ecosystem to reach and acquire more members, offer products and services ultimately improve operational efficiency.


Brand building, marketing activities can be labor and capital intensive. TaptapLah as a platform helps cooperatives in undertaking marketing strategies and promotion to attract members so that cooperatives can focus on what they do best.

Data Security

TaptapLah ensures member and cooperative information safety as the utmost priority. We work closely with our partners to understand your data protection and security needs, improve your ability to meet core security, confidentiality, and compliance requirements.


With automation, TaptapLah seeks to make member experience more seamless while enjoying the benefits that cooperatives offer. TaptapLah is user friendly, easy to use, having in mind users who are less tech-savvy to have a pleasant experience with the app.

make the society

Simple and seamless cooperative membership process

Membership Form

Apply for cooperative membership through the app with a straight-forward registration form.


Complete the registration process with e-signature, a simple and legally recognized way to indicate consent on the digital membership form.


Automated process to match member identification and ensure provided information is accurate.

Even more convenience with the future of financing

Digital lending that boosts automation for the cooperative industry; changing the way manual Financing financing and decision making is done to an effortless and efficient process.

  • Pre-Financing Stage
    Run eligibility check with debt service ratio calculator, fill in e-form and upload all the necessary documents.
  • CCRIS Check
    Run an instant scan for bankruptcy status of new members.
  • Financing Status
    Periodically check on approval status of the Financing applied and the details.
  • Approval Stage
    Monitor and manage approved finances as well as all view transaction history including payments made.

Mobile Shopping

SinBad Mall is your ticket to discovering fabulous products at amazing prices.

Multi Vendor

Allow other merchants to upload product into market

Membership Pricing

Normal vs Coop user will see a different product rate

Exclusive Products

Exclusive early access and hot deals of new products

Payment Method

Credit card, FPX, eWallet, Buy now pay later

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answer to some of your questions. If you can’t find it, feel free to contact us.

Click the link to download Google Play & App Store

Download TaptapLah app, then Click Register.

Yes. The member gets exclusive offers for products and services.

Once a person has become a co-op member, he/she can enjoy the list of benefits offered by the cooperative.

It depends on the selected membership offered by the cooperative. Each cooperative will offer its membership based on its own set of fee.
Usually, the membership fee would consist of shares and a monthly subscription.

Each cooperative will require different info and documentation. The standard form would require the info on personal details. The member is also required to conduct the eKYC process directly via TaptapLah as part of the checking process.

The user is required to sign up as a cooperative member.
1. Download and Install TaptapLah App
2. Sign up as TaptapLah member
3. Upgrade as a cooperative member
4. Submit details required (each financing product will require a set of documents or info).

● Valid proof of Identity Card or Passport Copy.
● Complete the credit check via TaptapLah.
● Income proof (salary slip, Angkasa Deductions)
● Residence proof (if required)

The reason for rejections may vary:
● Debt service ratio limit of a person.
● Low application score (most institutions implemented their own scores engine called application score, which analyses the customer’s profile – your age, where do you stay, education level, marital status, and so on.
● Unfavorable credit score. This shows how a person managed their money in the past, including repayment behaviors. Lack of credit records, number of credit cards, high borrowings, repayment timings, high unsecured borrowings.

There is no fee incurred when applying for the financing product, however, in most applications, the service is open to cooperative members only. Thus, please sign up as a cooperative member in order to sign up for the service offered by that cooperative.
There would be some administrative fee incurred when the financing service is approved, it depends on the service provider.

Yes, definitely. TaptapLah aims to deliver a seamless experience to cooperative members in applying for any financing services, from application to disbursements.

The funds will be disbursed to the assigned beneficiaries bank account.

In most cases, the financed amount will be approved be 48 hours. Disbursements will be the next working day. This is subject to the full documentation and information received by the cooperative.

Each financing product will have its own terms and conditions, you will need to contact the respective cooperative or product page for more information.

Yes, you can sign the document digitally via TaptapLah.

No, you are not allowed to make adjustments after the disbursement.

You can contact the respective service provider to discuss the repayment alternatives.

Most of the financing services are Shariah Compliance, you may check the service upon signing up.

Sinbad Mall offers a range of products to public users, on top it also offers exclusive value items for its members.

No, it is unnecessary to become a cooperative member to purchase products in Sinbad Mall. However, signing up as a member of Tanjong Keramat Cooperative Malaysia would offer many benefits and values. Such benefits include
● access to exclusive products and member prices.
● earn referral and loyalty points.
● exclusive promo events
● Discounted shipping fee

● Select the item you wish to purchase, and click “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”.

● You can add as many items to your cart and check out at once.

● If you click “Buy Now”, you can check out and make payment immediately. Please take note you need to log in as a normal user.

It depends on the reason for cancellation. It has to be communicated with the vendor who sold the items. If the merchant agreed, he/she can cancel the order directly.
If the case is not resolved, the TaptapLah team will step in to communicate the matter. TaptapLah’s team will evaluate the case and make necessary arrangements, which may include a refund.
If the order is called, the status will be updated in Order.

Unfortunately now, it is up to the vendor to offer the best shipping option for their products.

Free shipping is only available if the vendor offers such an option or during a special promotion campaign across the platform.
Please take note some free shipping offer comes with minimal purchase conditions, for instance, minimal spending.

Upon checkout out, you can insert the voucher code in order to receive the deductions or discounted price.

The payment options available in TaptapLah app.
● Credit and debit cards
● FPX bank transfer
● eWallet
● Credit/debit card installments
● BuyNowPayLater

A customer can request a refund policy, such reasons may include
● Incorrect product information.
● Wrong product sent.
● Damaged goods upon received.
There could be other reasons which may not be covered, the team will try to understand the case as much as possible for fair arrangements
In order to request a refund, you need to communicate with the TapTapLah customer service team and set up a case. The team will investigate the case, and revert the final decision the soonest time.

The seller will contact the customer in regards to any items out of stock. The seller will need to communicate with the buyer if he/she is willing to wait for the item’s arrival or proceed to a refund.

Customers can only select the shipment method offered in the TaptapLah app. Users may check the order in Activity Column inside the app.

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